Blockscape Vault: The Optimal Collateral for EigenLayer Restaking, Powered by SSV and StakeWise

3 min readJan 23, 2024

The decentralized finance landscape is continually evolving, and Blockscape is at the forefront of this revolution with its innovative staking solutions.

In a remarkable synergy between Blockscape, SSV (Secret Shared Validators), and StakeWise, we are excited to announce that the Blockscape Vault has become an optimal choice for those looking to participate in EigenLayer’s restaking platform. This collaboration ensures that stakers not only contribute to the security of the Ethereum network but also gain additional yield through EigenLayer’s unique protocol.

Introducing the Blockscape Vault

The Blockscape Vault is designed to be the best collateral option for those engaging with EigenLayer. Based on robust Ethereum staking using DVT by SSV, it offers a strong base layer for securing digital assets. The vault allows users to deposit their ETH and earn staking rewards, which can then be further enhanced through EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism.

Synergy with EigenLayer

EigenLayer, a protocol built on Ethereum, introduces the concept of restaking, enabling users to earn additional rewards while contributing to enhanced network security. By allowing stakers to restake their native ETH or liquid staking tokens (LSTs), such as those offered by StakeWise, EigenLayer opens up new possibilities for yield generation and network contribution.

The Benefits of Using Blockscape Vault for EigenLayer Deposits

  1. Enhanced Security: By utilizing DVT by SSV, the Blockscape Vault distributes validator operations across multiple nodes, drastically reducing single points of failure and increasing the resilience of the staked assets.
  2. Increased Yield: Stakers can restake their Blockscape Vault ETH deposits on EigenLayer, potentially earning higher rewards than staking alone.
  3. Client and Geographic Diversity: The Blockscape Vault supports a wide array of client software and is spread across numerous geographic regions, which aligns perfectly with EigenLayer’s restaking model to enhance fault tolerance and performance.
  4. Accessibility and Inclusivity: With the StakeWise partnership, even users with less than 32 ETH can participate in staking and restaking, making the Blockscape Vault a highly accessible option in the market.
  5. Liquidity: StakeWise enables users to mint osETH, a liquid staking token, which can be used seamlessly for restaking on EigenLayer, providing liquidity and flexibility.
  6. Permissionless Participation: The entire process is permissionless, aligning with the ethos of decentralized finance, allowing anyone to participate in a non-custodial manner.

A New Era of Staking

The collaboration between Blockscape, SSV, and StakeWise marks a new chapter in the DeFi space. By combining the robustness of Blockscape Vault’s ETH staking and the innovative restaking features of EigenLayer, users can maximize their earning potential while contributing to a more secure and diversified Ethereum network.

As the DeFi landscape continues to mature, Blockscape remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower users to stake smarter, not harder. The integration with EigenLayer is just one more step towards realizing the full potential of decentralized staking ecosystems.

Join us as we redefine the future of staking. Explore the Blockscape Vault and discover how your ETH can work harder for you on EigenLayer. Secure. Performant. Revolutionary.


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