Game of Zones wrap up | Team Blockscape

Hello cosmos community, in this article I will summarize what we have achieved in the Game of Zones game and what insights we could gather.

Phase 1

As already known, the first phase was divided into two sub-phases Phase 1A and Phase 1B.

Grafana Monitoring
Overview of Teams
Detail view of one Team

Phase 2

In phase 2 we ran a zone with a custom gaiad version. This version had a built in command to keep sending transfer packets with multiple messages. To relay these multi-message packets we used the relayer gun published by

Phase 3

For the third phase we thought about hijacking an escrow account. We wanted to achieve this by creating a malicious chain. This chain was set up with a channel with the same id as the imitated chain. In addition we minted transfer tokens that had the same denomination as the transfer token on the imitated chain. Then we tried to trick the hub chain into believing we were the original chain and accepting our transfer packet aimed at an escrow that wasn’t ours. In the following example picture our idea is to be seen again clarified.

Idea: claim escrow token

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