Here We AplikiGo!

3 min readFeb 9, 2021


Yesterday, Regen Network launched its final testnet, Aplikigo, which will be running until March 8th 2021. The testnet saw such a huge rush of applications that the validator set had to be increased from 100 to 125 validators and the application period had to be cut short. The enthusiasm and anticipation in the community are palpable and we at blockscape certainly share the excitement with all the other participants of having the opportunity to be a part of Aplikigo.

Our journey with Regen started all the way back in the Algradigon testnet, and we’ve been actively following the network’s development ever since. Following Regen has actually also encouraged us to work on some of our own ideas for use cases that we’d eventually like to bring to the Regen Network once it’s live, like decentralized crowdfunding for flower meadows. Furthermore, we’re also part of the Pebbles project in Germany, a peer-to-peer energy trading market which perfectly demonstrates the importance of user experience for use cases building on blockchain technology.

From our experience, Regen’s testnets are among some of the best organized and documented ones we had the pleasure of taking part in. We expect Regen Network to continue their path in the same kind of fashion with this final testnet and are thrilled to test all of its new features and watch the project transition into the mainnet.

About Regen

The Regen Network is a public blockchain that incentivizes growth and regeneration of land. Its goal is to give value to ecological development in order to counterbalance broken economic models incentivizing the degradation of land and destruction of ecosystems. By collecting data about the state of farmer-owned land using satellites, sensors and people on the ground the land’s health can be verified which provides an incentive for the farmer to work his land in a way that increases the health of it. Companies that need to counterbalance their negative environmental impact provide the money on the on-chain marketplace.

The Entire Cosmos on One Chain

Beyond its many great use cases, the Regen Network is a real treasure trove for any developer involved or interested in the Cosmos ecosystem, with features like CosmWasm smart contracts, automatic updates, and now IBC in the Aplikigo testnet.

The participating 125 validators will be competing against each other in a stress test of shooting out as many transactions as they can, squeezing as many transactions as possible into one single block and many more challenges. The stress test will be taking place on February 11th between 15:00 and 18:00 UTC for everyone interested to follow along in the testnet’s official block explorer.

As far as we at blockscape are concerned, we are very excited to see how it all pans out. Make sure to keep an eye out for the official post mortem blog posts after the Aplikigo testnet!

Thank you for reading this blog post and happy testing to everyone!