Peerdx — a Tendermint Peer Diagnostics Tool

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Having a diverse selection of peers amongst your validator nodes is extremely important in a blockchain network. It is precisely this diversity that fosters decentralization and combats censorship. We couldn’t find any proper and, more importantly, easy-to-use tool for checking peer diversity, so we went ahead and created one ourselves for this exact purpose which we would like to share with the community.

The Peer Diagnostics Tool compares all of your nodes’ peers with each other and gives you an overview over which peer is connected to which node in order to help you identify shared and unique peers among your nodes.

There are two options to choose from:

1. Copy and paste your nodes’ address books into a local directory and let the tool compare them for you.

2. Specify your nodes’ RPC addresses and let the tool collect, extract and compare the peers for you. This, of course, requires the RPC port to be open. The tool currently uses the /net_stat endpoint to achieve this.

Once the tool is done collecting all necessary information and comparing peers it outputs its results into a nicely formatted and easy-to-read list:

Example output checking peer diversity

Optionally, you can also dig deeper and list even more detailed information about an individual node’s peers. The output will look like this:

Example output of detailed information on one individual node

Using the /net_stat endpoint will certainly give you much more information but much less readable.

Alright, that wraps up our brief overview over the tool! We hope you find some use in it and give it a go! You can check it out on our GitHub!