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Blockscape’s Secure Validator NFT with Full Transparency

Solo staking can be really scary. You need a machine, a reliable Internet connection, and an eagle-eyed monitoring system. We know that it can be quite intimidating, but we also understand that our users want to support the decentralization of the Ethereum network.

What if you could use the battle-tested infrastructure of Blockscape — a professional staking provider known for running over 7000 Lido validators — to stake your Ethereum with the Rocketpool protocol? Get rewarded like a node operator without having to run a node.

Rocketpool Protocol+ Blockscape Infrastructure = Validator Vault

We have been hard at work — next to our Institutional Staking product — to provide a staking solution that is secure, has decentralization in mind, and lets users create their own validator!

What Are Blockscape Vaults?

TL;DR: Vaults are our on-chain ‘Validator-as-a-Service’ solution, allowing you to stake your ETH exclusively in our Rocketpool validator infrastructure. Staking will be available on our beautiful Unistake UI, your one-stop shop to manage everything staking-related on Blockscape!

Blockscape Vaults and validator NFTs

Your stake is locked until you decide to redeem your stake and rewards or sell your validator on a secondary market. An NFT will represent your stake, containing a QR code that links directly to your validator, enabling you to always have full transparency and true ownership over your validator and stake!

Detailed User Flow

Rocketpool Validator by Blockscape is a smart contract solution that enables users to stake ETH and mint NFTs that represent their validator, stake, and rewards. Don’t worry about the needed $RPL tokens for operating the validator, we cover this for our Users!

User Flow: Rocketscape Validator Vault

A Validator NFT is issued to a user who stakes 8 ETH in our Validator Vault. This NFT represents a Validator on our platform, which is transparent and traceable on the Ethereum blockchain. The user can monitor their validator performance, stake, and rewards through the NFT. The user can transfer or sell their NFT at any time, or redeem the NFT for a Validator exit subject to the Ethereum staking rules and penalties.

Yield: Staking Among the Best Means Earning Among the Best!

By choosing to stake with Blockscape, you are not only trusting one of the best DevOps teams working on high-class infrastructure — you are also going to earn yield accordingly.

Composition of Rewards

Best in class yield? You might be wondering how this is possible.

  • First of all, we’ve built our solution on top of Rocketpool, which means that in addition to the regular ETH rewards, YOU (not us!) get 14% commission on the other 24 ETH collected from rETH stakers!
  • Second, we run on a high-availability infrastructure with exceptionally effective rates, meaning we squeeze every possible reward out of the validator for you.
  • Third, we also run an MEV boost relayer that boosts not only your validator but the entire infrastructure. So when one of the validators gets some juicy MEV ETH rewards, they get shared with all of our Blockscape Validator NFT holders!
  • Fourth, another great aspect of this new architecture — for the benefit of our long-term users — is that we only charge a 0.5% withdrawal fee on the rewards you earn from your validator after one year, which is one of the lowest rates in the market compared to any other Staking as a Service provider.

Architecture and Design Decisions

This first vault under our new infrastructure fully caters to users, who want the purest form of ETH staking they can get, besides staking at home.

In order to achieve this, we went for the Validator NFT solution, meaning that one user always owns one validator. While the capital required for the user to create this type of vault is quite high, this validator is inscribed in the NFT that the user receives, allowing for multiple use cases ranging from simple sale to collateralization of the NFT.

Security and Audit

You can find the full audit report here: Audit Report

While we developed the product with the utmost scrutiny and security as a top priority to provide our users with a solution they can trust with their capital, we also had our deposit smart contract for our Validator NFT fully audited by and received a 10/10 in the security score.

In Summary,

Blockscape’s Rocketscape Validator Vault is a secure and decentralized staking solution that allows users to co-own their validator and earn a yield on their Ethereum stake. Through the Vault, users can stake their ETH on Blockscape’s battle-tested infrastructure, which is managed by a team of experienced DevOps professionals. The Validator NFT provides full transparency and ownership of the Validator and stake, and users can monitor their performance and rewards through the Unistake UI. Due to the high demand for the Rocketpool protocol, you can expect a waiting time of several days. Try it now to be among the first Genesis users.

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