The Journey of a Solo-Staker through SSV x Blockscape

4 min readDec 15, 2023

Jordan, an Ethereum enthusiast, has been eagerly involved in the crypto space for years. With a stash of 32 ETH, he is ready to take his participation to the next level by running his own validator. However, Jordan is well aware of the risks of centralization and is determined to leverage decentralization to its fullest potential.

After thorough research, Jordan discovers the potential of DVT by SSV in decentralizing validators. Intrigued by the flexibility it offers, he decides to use this technology to set up his validator. The DVT by SSV platform presents a user-friendly yet comprehensive interface, where Jordan can meticulously configure his validator operations.

Jordan decides to run a part of the validator operations personally, relishing the hands-on experience and control this offers.

To do so, he utilizes the SSV operator installation guide (, soon a dAppNode implementation should be available on mainnet as well, making the process even easier (read more here:

DappNode x

For the rest, he chooses reliable SSV operators, ensuring a robust and diversified validator setup. The platform allows Jordan to select operators from different geographic regions, adding an extra layer of security and resilience to his validator.

He knows about Blockscape and their professionalism combined with many years of experience in running Ethereum nodes, so he selects some of their geographically diversified operators. Furthermore, Jordan mixes up the EL and CL client combinations among these operators.

This strategy not only diversifies the risk but also optimizes the overall performance of his validator, tapping into the unique strengths of different client software.

As Jordan finalizes his choices, he feels a surge of excitement and pride. Not only is he contributing to the Ethereum network’s security, but he is also doing so in a sophisticated, decentralized manner, right from his home. This setup ensures enhanced security, operational resilience, and an optimized staking process, aligning perfectly with Jordan’s vision for his role in the Ethereum ecosystem.

No 32 ETH, What Do?

While Jordan had the advantage of owning 32 ETH to set up a personal validator, he understands that this amount represents a significant capital investment that might not be accessible to all Ethereum enthusiasts. Recognizing this, Jordan is also an advocate for the Blockscape StakeWise vault, a platform ideal for those who are starting with a smaller amount of ETH.

The Blockscape StakeWise vault, integrating the innovative DVT by SSV technology, offers a practical and inclusive solution for those with as little as 0.1 ETH. This platform not only democratizes access to Ethereum staking but also maintains the same level of decentralization and security as individual validator setups. Like Jordan’s personal setup, the StakeWise vault features geographically distributed nodes and diverse Execution Layer (EL) and Consensus Layer (CL) client combinations, ensuring robustness and efficiency in the staking process.

For Ethereum enthusiasts who are keen to participate in staking but are limited by the amount of ETH they own, the Blockscape StakeWise vault presents an excellent opportunity. It enables them to be part of the decentralized staking community, benefiting from the security and potential rewards of staking, without the need for substantial upfront capital.

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